Show Program Advertising Sponsorship

Maximize your advertising dollars, and support this monumental event in the Peruvian Horse Breed at the same time!  The Official Show Program will be 4 color and will list all pre-entered horses, class sponsors & our prospector sponsors.  Rates are for print ready ads; please inquire if you need ad design.

Show Program Display Sponsorships

2017 Gold Rush Peruvian Horse Classic XVII – June 23, 24 & 25, 2017

Deadline to Receive Show Program Displays:  May 30, 2017


Sizes - maximum specifications in inches - (T=tall  W=wide):


Full page - (vertical layout preferred) - 7.25 X 10

Full page with bleeds - 8.625 X 11.125

Half page - (horizontal format only) - 7.25 W X 4.75 T - no bleeds

Quarter Page - (vertical layout only) - 3.50 W X 4.75 T - no bleeds

Business Card - Standard 3.50 W X 2.00 T



                                                                         Center Spread - Four Color Only*                               $  600   

Outside Back Cover - Four Color Only *                        $  500    

Inside Front Cover*                                                  $  400    

Inside Back Cover*                                                   $  400

Full Page*                                                               $  275    

Half Page*                                                               $  150

Quarter Page*                                                          $    90

Business Card                                                           $    50


Quick Pick!  Regular Class Sponsorship + Business Card Combo for only $75!


*Above prices are for CAMERA READY show program displays only. If your show program display needs to be created, there will be an additional charge of $100/page ($50 discount applied for GRC exhibitors). For display creation, please contact Kelly Powers at You will be billed separately for any design services.

Acceptable Formats - Camera Ready Only:

As the submission quality of camera ready artwork varies greatly, the 2017 Gold Rush Peruvian Horse Classic XVII assumes no responsibility for the production quality of the final published display. If you or your agency has production questions, please contact Kelly Powers at

Electronic copy submissions - All files must be submitted electronically as e-mail attachments or as downloadable files. Please indicate what format was used (JPG, PDF, or PDF CMYK.) to facilitate opening your file. Black & white displays must be in grayscale.  Files may be submitted in the following formats:

PDF (Adobe Acrobat, grayscale) - 300 DPI minimum required for displays with photos

PDF CMYK (Adobe Acrobat, color) - 300 DPI minimum required for displays with photos; no other PDF color format will be accepted!

JPG (color or grayscale) - 300 DPI only

Hard copy – We no longer accept hard copy. If your show program display is in hard copy (paper format), please scan it according to the guidelines above before submitting it, or take it to a professional service, such as a copy center, to do this for you. Be sure to tell them the guidelines for how you need the display scanned.

How & Where to Send Your Show Program Display:

Only electronic files are accepted and should be sent to Kelly Powers at Be sure to identify your display sponsorship (your contact information). Indicate the format used and the display size required. Please zip large files or deliver via YouSendIt Express (

How & Where to Send Payment:

Please make your check for the full amount payable to “GOLD RUSH CLASSIC” and mail to:

 Attn Glenda Fletcher • Gold Rush Classic • PO Box 250 • Acalde  NM  87511

 For payment by Visa or MasterCard call 505-852-0444

 You will be billed separately for any show program display creation services.


Eleanor Palmisano,
Apr 20, 2017, 11:40 PM