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2019 High Point Awards

Declaration to compete for High Point Awards:
Must be designated on entry form before the start of the show to have points counted (Not applicable to Juniors or Breeder);

NEW for 2019, High Point Winners will receive a beautifully selected trophy AND a South Point Gift Card.   

Gold Rush Classic High Point Versatility Horse ($150)
 - Competition for the versatility horse requires entry into 3 of the 5 available classes that are designated in the class list in the premium.  Please note, either* Ladies or Gentlemen to ride (14, 19) will be counted towards Versatility HP, not both. If the horse is entered in both, the higher placing and points will be used to calculate high point standings.  Qualifying class numbers are 14*,19*, 25, 36, 41, 51
Classes 25, 36, 41 and 51 are non-qualifying classes and we welcome returning Champions to partake in these classes towards the Versatility Horse of show.

Gold Rush Classic High Point Breeder:
 -  Points will be counted from the horse or horses BRED by that person or their
ranch. Competition for this award is limited to the exhibitors who have entered
horses in the show.  

Gold Rush Classic High Point Novice Rider 18 & Over: ($100)
 -  Novice rider is defined in the Premium Book and NAPHA rule book. Novices must sign entry form certifying they are a Novice for the 2019 show season.  There will be four novice classes to ride in (5, 20, 29, 49).  High Point winner will be calculated from the top 3 classes entered.  
Full House High Point Horse of Show ($100)
- Will be awarded to the mare, stallion or gelding of the show that has entered;
1-breeding/luxury in bit class (13, 15, 16, 21, 23,26) 
1-gait class (31,33,35)
1-performance class (40, 43, 47)

RGPHC High Point Junior and Reserve 12 & Under and High Point Junior and Reserve 13 - 18 ($25)
- Juniors 6-12 (9, 17, 27, 44, 53)
- Juniors 13-18 (10, 18, 28, 45, 54)

SCPPHC High Point Junior and Reserve 12 & Under and High Point and Reserve Junior 13 - 18 ($25)

High Point Ties: Any high point ties for any high point award, including juniors,
shall be broken by the number of 1st, 2nds, etc. won. Any ties past placings are determined
by judges.

High Point Trophies will be presented Sunday morning following class #57 Champion and Reserve Performance Geldings.  With the exception of Juniors, all High Point winners will be notified on Saturday evening.  High point standings will be posted on show office door the end of show day Friday and during lunch on Saturday so you may follow along.  Gift Cards will be given to the winners at end of classes on Saturday evening.