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2019 Survey Results: 2020 Judge Recommendations

posted Sep 2, 2019, 1:46 PM by Thea Pichel   [ updated Sep 3, 2019, 5:59 AM ]

Judge Recommendations for 2020Comments
Kim Montee Cavataio6
honest, KNOWLEDGABLE, fair; not currently showing, attentive; look at all horses; no apparant conflicts of interest; impartial,
Chris Austin4Has done a good job in the past; watches rider and horse; honest and knowledgable;
Ernesto Sandigo4knowledgable and thorough; honest, fair; impartial;
Oscar "Pico" Castillo4
Thoughtful, pays attention entire time to horses in the ring; knowledgable and thorough; look at all horses;
Lionel Peralta3fair, respectful, consistent; impartial, honest assesment, knowledgable;
Dante Mazzi2impartiality
Dr. Francisco Jose Marcucci2hasn't judged in US for some time, a vet - *needs translator, not into performance;
Janic Arllentar1
Nicholas Breaux-Fujita1fair, respectful, consistent;
Marco Dapelo1impartiality
Mimi Downey1
Fernando Risso Montes1seems more impartial;
Jose Antonio Vasquez1knowledgable and fair, no apparant conflict of interest;
Nazario Villafuente1honest and knowledgable;
Mariano Cabrera1
Rolando Garcia1fair and impartial;
Danell Adams
Jorge Bendezu
Joseph Chandler
Bill Clattenburg
Luis (Lucho) Dapelo
Edie Gandy
Juan Garayar
Annette Kart
Doug LaSota
Julio Andres Ponciano
Kelly Powers
Angel Ribo
Dr. Marco Tulio Argueta
Total Votes34