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Gold Rush Peruvian Horse Show
June 21-23, 2019
Official Class List
Show Class #Official NAPHA class nameNAPHA pts Q, C or Ch of Chqualifies for class #Show Award
Friday 8:30 am
1Luxury Geldings 4+ in bit - StakesQNQ
2Mares 4+ - ZootecnicoQNQ
3Stallions 4+ - ZootecnicoQNQ
4Geldings 3-4 in BozalQ56
5Novice Equitation 18+NQNQHP Novice
6Amateur Performance 4+ (Barbara Windom Stakes)NQNQ
7Fillies 3-4 in BozalQ56
8AOTR Performance 4-6Q55
9Juniors Performance 6-12NQNQHP Junior 6-12
10Juniors Performance 13-18NQNQHP Junior 13-18
11Colts 3-4 in BozalQ56
12AOTR Performance 7+Q55
13Mares 4-6 in BitQ66
14Gentlemen to Ride-Performance 4+Q57,59,61HP Versatility *
15Mares 7+ in BitQ66
16Luxury Geldings 4-6 in BitQ62
17Juniors Bareback Equitation 6-12NQNQHP Junior 6-12
18Junior Bareback Equitation 13-18NQNQHP Junior 13-18
19Ladies to Ride Performance 4+Q57,59,61HP Versatility *
20Novice Performance 18+NQNQHP Novice
21Luxury Geldings 7+Q62
22Amateur Performance Open Tack/Attire 4+Q63,65,67
23Stallions 4-6 in BitQ64
24AOTR - Gait 4+Q58
25Non Traditional Tack and Attire Performance 4+NQNQHP Versatility
26Stallions 7+ in BitQ64
Sat 8:30 am
27Junior Showmanship in Bit 6-12NQNQHP Junior 6-12
28Junior Showmanship in Bit 13-18NQNQHP Junior 13-18
29Novice Breeding 18+NQNQHP Novice
30Amateur Performance Geldings 4+Q65
31Mares Gait 4+Q58
32Amateur Performance Stallions 4+Q67
33Geldings Gait 4+Q58
34Amateur Performance Mares 4+Q63
35Stallions Gait 4+Q58
36Bareback 18+ (Performance)NQNQHP Versatility
37AOTR Performance Open Tack and AttireQ55
38Peruvian Attire 4+Q62,64,66
39Bozal 3-4 - GaitQ56
40Performance Geldings 4+Q57
41Champagne ClassNQNQHP Versatility
42AOTR - Luxury Geldings 4+Q60
43Performance Mares 4+Q59
44Junior Performance Pattern 6-12NQNQHP Junior 6-12
45Junior Performance Pattern 13-18NQNQHP Junior 13-18
46Ranch or Breeders Conjunto-Bit/BozalNQNQ
47Performance Stallions 4+Q61
48AOTR - Breeding Mares 4+Q60
49Novice Gait 4+NQNQHP Novice
50AOTR - Breeding Stallions 4+Q60
51Reining Class 4+ (Performance Pattern)NQNQHP Versatility
Sunday 8:30 am
52Junior Lead Line 6 yrs & UnderNQNQ
53Junior Perrier - 6 to 12NQNQHP Junior 6-12
54Junior Perrier - 13 to 18NQNQHP Junior 13-18
55Ch & Res AOTR Performance HorseQ8,12,37
56Champion & Reserve Bozal HorseQ4,7,11,39
57Ch & Res Performance GeldingQ14,19,40
58Champion & Reserve Best Gaited HorseQ24,31,33,35
59Ch & Res Performance MareQ14,19,43
60Ch & Res AOTR Breeding/Luxury HorseQ42,48,50
61Ch & Res Performance StallionQ14,19,47
62Champion & Reserve Luxury GeldingQ16,21,38
63Champion & Reserve Amateur Performance MareQ22,34
64Champion & Reserve Breeding StallionQ23,26,38
65Champion & Reserve Amateur Performance GeldingQ22,30
66Champion & Reserve Breeding MareQ13,15,38
67Champion & Reserve Amateur Performance StallionQ22,32
68Ch of Ch AOTR Performance HorseQ55
69Ch of Ch Luxury GeldingQ62
70Ch of Ch Amateur Performance HorseQ63,65,67
71Ch of Ch AOTR Breeding/Luxury HorseQ60
72Champion of Champions Breeding MareQ66
73Champion of Champions Performance HorseQ57,59,61
74Champion of Champions Breeding StallionQ64

Qualifying Classes for

High Point Breeder- 2,3,4,7,11,13,14,15,16,19,21,22,23,24,26,30,31,32,33,34,35,38,39,40,43,47

Full House High Point Horse of show- Horses competing for FHHP, must enter a breeding division class (13,15,16,21,23,26), a gait division class (31,33,35) AND a performance division class (40,43,47)