Gold Rush Classic XVIII  - June 22, 23, 24, 2018

Two Judge Conferring System for each Show:
 Rio Grande Judges: Edith Gandy & Jose Vasquez
SCPPHC Judges: Kim Montee Cavataio & Danell Adams


  The Gold Rush Peruvian Horse Classic is the Combined Regional Championship Show of the Rio Grande Peruvian Horse Club (New Mexico) and the Southern California Peruvian Paso Club (California). 

Although functioning as one show in class structure, each club hosts its own judge, and the two  non-conferring judges award separate placings. There are individual championships, points, and prizes awarded for each club as well as overall awards of Gold Rush Classic Versatility Horse and many High Point Awards. Plus the Luxury  Gelding Stakes class and Champagne Cash Class!

Why a DOUBLE Show?

A double show offers many great advantages and savings: great competition, one trip for your horses to attend TWO shows, one hotel bill, one fuel bill, fewer days away from the ranch. Plus, the show fees are substantially lower than if attending two shows separately. For example, the fee for a regular class is $60 This translates to a class fee of only $30 per class, per show! And as a special savings for those traveling from afar, you may arrive as early as 8:00 a.m. Wednesday June 21nd with NO charge for extra stall nights!

Show Approval & Points

The 2018 Gold Rush Peruvian Horse Classic is conducted under the rules of the North American Peruvian Horse Association (NAPHA) as an APP (All Peruvian Paso) Championship Show. The show is drug free with testing. Only horses with registration certificates issued by NAPHA, PPHRNA, AAOBPPH, or the PHAC may participate.

The 2018 Gold Rush Classic is approved by the North American Peruvian Horse Association (NAPHA). This show will earn a minimum of double points for NAPHA Awards if the recorded owner(s) of the horse is/are a current NAPHA member at the time of the show—Year end Awards—Medallon de Plata, High Point Performance Horse/Gelding, Zone 2 and Lifetime Awards—Medallon de Oro,  Medallon de Bronze and the new NAPHA Lifetime Award –Medallon de Diamante.

The 2018 Gold Rush Peruvian Horse Classic is approved by the Peruvian Horse Association of Canada; qualified entries will receive annual and lifetime PHAC points. 

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